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Our Main Activities

Human Rights Training and Programs of Awareness
Umeed conducts seminars, workshops, Human Rights Training and sessions of awareness for women and street children on regional (Lahore slums, Quetta/Loralai, Bahawalpur/Yazman) and national level where they are empowered with ideas and skills to become leaders and empower other people of their own communities. These programs conducted mainly to promote awareness among women and children about their rights so that they may be able to raise their voices against injustices done to them at various levels.

Skills Training for Women
Umeed is empowering women/girls by providing skills training so that they may be liberated from the clutches of the male oppressors and in particular from the cultural barriers in Pakistan. Umeed is fully conviced that women/girls in Pakistan cannot be liberated or have their rights unless and untill they receive financial freedom. This financial freedom they could only gain if they become skilled workers. Umeed provides skills training in Embroidary and Sewing/Tailoring on professional level. Once they finish their training they sell their products in the market. So far Umeed has trained more than two thousand women/girls who are earning reasonable amount every month for their sustenance

Skills Training for street children
Umeed trains young, vulnerable street children in a useful skill which provide them with a means of earning money for themselves and their families. Umeed saves these children from a lifetime of drudgery and support the families and the communities in which they live – the so-called Umeed Premium! Our goal is to protect children’s rights who are living on the street and doing hazardous work to thrive, protected from violence and abuse, and have support to graduate into adulthood with a good education, ‘life skills’, employable skills and a sense of self-worth. Umeed has responded to a demand for training provision for street children. Woodworking and carpentry training, tailoring and embroidery centres have been established for street children

Umeed Partnership provides education at all levels irrespective of cast, creed or gender. The rate of education among the communities Umeed serve is the lowest in the world. These communities in urban areas live on the fringes and peripheries of the cities forming miserable slums and in rural areas live outside of the main villages and towns where there is no access to any type of development. They have no schooling, no health care, no sanitation facilities, no roads and no facilities for socialization. A few years ago Umeed was invited by two communities of Cholistan desert where there was 100% illiteracy rate to begin middle schools one for the community of village 18/BC. Bahawalpur and another for the community of village 52 D.B Yazman. Both the schools continue providing quality education to hundreds of students both girls and boys.

Umeed Legal Aid Forum
Umeed Legal Aid Forum works mainly in Cholistan desert for the marginalized and suppressed communities. The forum provide free legal aid in the cases where women are abducted, raped or forced to change their religion and get into unlawful wedlock. In the cases where women are the victim of domestic violence, political torture, sexual abuse and murdered. Forum also provides legal aid in the cases of honour killing, right to succession or property, acid burning, forced marriages, marriages of minors all sorts of matrimonial problems affecting women. The Forum especially works for the women of minority communities of Cholistan Desert.

Capacity building
During the year Umeed conducts several seminars for its beneficieries on regional level where they are empowered with ideas and skills to become leaders and empower other people of their own communities. These seminars/workshops are mainly conducted at Lahore, Quetta/Loralai and Bahawalpur/Yazman regions. There are also national seminars conducted for the Umeed women normally in big cosmopolitan cities which give them a new life experience. These seminars are life changing experiences for these women.

Umeed Street Theatre
Some of the Umeed trainees got lot of talents of performing on the stage. We call them local artists. During the years for annual certificate awarding ceremonies and Umeed functions these local artists proved to be talented performers. These local artists form Umeed Street Theater. They are hired by different NGOs and Social organizations to perform for them on the stage. The group consists mainly of illiterate women/girls but trained in some employable skills.

Umeed Sports Club
Umeed Sports Club includes men and women trainees from all three regions of Balochistan, Cholistan desert and Lahore Slums. Cricket teams of men and badminton and table tennis teams of women have been formed. Once a year they come together and play tournament. It is a great opening for them to get involved in some positive and meaningful activities.

Sewing centers certificate awarding ceremony: 

Certificate awarding ceremony was organized on 18 December 2015 by Umeed Partnership Pakistan for successful students (women/girls) who had completed one year training of sewing in the Umeed sewing centers. The ceremony was graced by Rtn. Sajid Pervaiz Bhatti District Governor 2015-16 of District 3272, Assistant Governor and distinguished Rotarians from Rotary club of Lahore Liberty.